Trans Remembrance Week

Women Organized to Respond to Life-Threatening Diseases (WORLD) would like to acknowledge Transgender Awareness Week (11/14-11/20). W.O.R.L.D serves all self-identified women (which is inclusive of Transwomen) living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. W.O.R.L.D serves as a safe space for Trans women. During Transgender Awareness Week, W.O.R.L.D celebrates Transgender individuals and all of their accomplishments. Additionally, W.O.R.L.D celebrates the following Transgender elected officials:

Gerri Cannon, Somersworth School Board.

Phillipe Cunningham, Minneapolis City Council, 4th Ward.

Danica Roem, Virginia House of Delegates, 13th District.

Andrea Jenkins, Minneapolis City Council, 8th Ward.

Stephe Koontz, Doraville City Council, 3rd District.

Lisa Middleton, Palm Springs City Council.

On TRANSGENDER DAY OF REMEMBRANCE (Nov.20th), W.O.R.L.D remembers those lost to anti Trans violence in 2017. We say their names to keep them with us, and to remember their legacy. Would you say their names with us?

  1. Sean Ryan Hake
  1. Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow
  2. Mesha Caldwell
  3. Jojo Striker
  4. Jaquarrius Holland
  5. Tiara Lashaytheboss Richmond
  6. Chyna Doll Dupree
  7. Ciara McElveen
  8. Alphonza Watson
  9. Chay Reed
  10. Kenneth Bostick
  11. Sherrell Faulkner
  12. Kenne McFadden
  13. Kendra Marie Adams
  14. Ava Le’Ray Barrin
  15. Ebony Morgan
  16. TeeTee Dangerfield
  17. Gwenevere River Song
  18. Kiwi Herring
  1. Pepper K, aka Phoenix
  2. Ally Steinfeld
  3. Kashmire Redd
  4. Derricka Banner
  5. Scout Schultz
  6. Stephanie Montez
  7. Candace Towns

November 18th, 2017 W.O.R.L.D will be sponsoring Transgender Day of Remembrance brunch. The brunch will allow for the community to come together and heal, become stronger, and raise awareness against Anti-Trans Violence.

WORLD supports Latinx HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on October 15, 2017!

  Somos una organización donde damos apoyo a las mujeres las  cuales viven con el virus del VIH en la comunidad de Oakland. Somos defensores que educamos a mujeres que viven con VIH/SIDA y proveemos  información práctica, asistencia de grupos de apoyo emocional para  mujeres recientemente diagnosticadas y las que llevan más años viviendo con […]

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California Governor Signs Bill Modernizing State’s HIV Laws

October 6, 2017 CONTACT: Naina Khanna,, 510.681.1169 or Jennie Smith-Camejo,, 347.553.5174 Sacramento, Calif.— Governor Jerry Brown today signed into law landmark legislation to reform outdated laws that unfairly criminalized and stigmatized people living with HIV. Senate Bill (SB) 239 was authored by Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Asm. Todd Gloria (D-San Diego) […]

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Keep The Power In Our Hands

SM Toolkit GFCD 2017 (2)

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Upcoming Events at WORLD

Tommorow #STANDAGAINSTHATE Open Forum  WORLD will be holding a forum in Oakland to have a community discussion on the events in Charlottesville, VA. Come share your thoughts and feelings regarding the blatant bigotry and racism displayed and action steps to keep our communities safe. We’ll also be screening the VICE mini-documentary, “Charlottesville: Race and Terror” at […]

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Female Condoms Will Now Be Prescription Only

Original Story published on Written By Martha Kempner With the Manufacturer Banking on Birth Control Benefits Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to Bolster Sales, the Oft-Overlooked Method Used by all Genders, May Now Cost as Much as $20 per Condom for the Uninsured if They Can’t Get It Through Health Departments or Non-Profits The female condom, […]

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