WORLD Programs Include:

Peer Advocacy:  Peer advocates provide one-on-one emotional and practical support for women living with HIV and AIDS, as well as referrals for resources and services. Peer advocates help navigate positive women through the network of services, advocate for improved care and resources when the woman herself is unable to, and provide emotional support.

Outreach & LinkageOngoing work in which WORLD actively seeks out HIV-positive women out of HIV-related medical care (or those struggling to maintain care) and helps them get back to care for better health.

WORLD Retreats: Designed to strengthen social networks and reduce isolation, while providing up-to-date treatment information and tips on accessing high-quality medical care

Opioid Misuse Prevention Program: WORLD’s opioid program is designed to support women living with HIV in reaching their own goals of reducing their opioid use. Case management and support groups are provided.