WORLD Programs Include:

Outreach & LinkageOngoing work in which WORLD actively seeks out HIV-positive women out of HIV-related medical care (or those struggling to maintain care) and helps them get back to care for better health

Peer Advocacy: A program staffed by women who are living with HIV, have experienced a positive test result and the subsequent overwhelm involved in accessing good medical care and support services. Peer advocates help navigate positive women through the network of services, advocate for improved care and resources when the woman herself is unable to, and provide emotional support.

Speaker’s Bureau: A highly trained speaker’s bureau comprised of women living with HIV and affected community members who address HIV stigma and the impact it has on care and prevention. Venues include churches, schools, drug treatment centers and health fairs. Over 200 HIV-positive women have participated in this project.

WORLD Retreats: Designed to strengthen social networks and reduce isolation, while providing up-to-date treatment information and tips on accessing high-quality medical care

Oakland Women Outreaching to Women! (Oakland WOW!): WORLD’s HIV screening and prevention project that aims to reach women in our community in need of access to testing.  This project exists in collaboration with local partner agencies and specifically focuses on reaching women at high risk.

Get Recovery Empowerment And Life (Get REAL):  WORLD works in partnership with AIDS Project East Bay and the Latino Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse to reach and assist individuals with substance abuse and mental health issues by providing substance abuse treatment and wellness support that can reduce the risk of acquiring HIV and improve health outcomes if living with HIV/AIDS