Speakers Bureau


The mission of WORLD’s Speakers Bureau is to advocate for the rights of those living with HIV and to prevent new HIV infections through public speaking on issues that relate to living with HIV and risk for HIV infection, especially among women and girls.


WORLD’s Speakers Bureau has been around since our inception in 1991, when the fabulous women of WORLD started going out and advocating for themselves and their positive sisters.

Over the years, WORLD has brought the unique voice and perspective of women living with HIV and their allies to thousands of people in the community in various settings, including:

• Schools

• Youth groups and youth homes

• Prisons & jails

• Churches

• Recovery centers

• Pregnant/parenting teen groups

• Legislator’s offices

• Women’s health organizations and events

• Health fairs

• Community colleges

• Medical students

• Medical providers

• Social service providers

• Mental health professionals

• Those who are newly diagnosed with HIV

• Conferences

• Press events

Our Speakers:

Today, our Speakers Bureau is diverse in age, ethnic/cultural background, sexual orientation, and most of all, in life experience. We believe that each person impacted by HIV who is willing to share her story to educate others has a right to do so safely, within her own boundaries. While many of our speakers are women living with HIV, some are allies of positive women. All our speakers share unique and personal stories of how HIV impacts themselves, their families, and their communities.

Speaker’s Training and Requests for Speakers:

We periodically train women living with HIV and their allies (friends, family, providers, concerned community members) to speak and advocate on issues that are important to them – to use their stories as a tool for change. If your life has been touched by HIV and you would like to be trained as a WORLD Speaker, please contact WORLD at (510)986-0340  to discuss training opportunities and volunteering your time.  Community members may also contact us with requests for WORLD to table at or partner on community events.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Speaker Training Form