Oakland Women Outreaching to Women! (Oakland WOW!)

Oakland WOW! is a testing and prevention project of WORLD providing tailored outreach and responsiveness to local women who are at identified risk for HIV.  While risk behaviors contribute to HIV transmission, we also know social determinants of health are some of the biggest risks and many times outside the control of any one individual.  That means poverty, limited community resources, high community viral load, and sometimes things as basic as living in a certain zip code can create HIV-related health disparities and disproportionate incidence of HIV.  With women too often late to test, diagnose, and treat, women’s health outcomes are much worse than they could be.  Focusing both on individual and community-level risks for HIV, Oakland WOW! aims to remedy that situation with targeted engagement for any self-identified woman at risk within our reach.  Oakland WOW! leverages WORLD’s relationships with allied service providers to offer gender-responsive and culturally sensitive screening and prevention services for women with demonstrated vulnerability to HIV infection.

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The project is supported in part by Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefit Programs.