Jasmine Powell


Jasmine Powell, Peer Advocate

Phone: (510) 986-0340 ext. 4059

Email: jpowell@womenhiv.org

Hello my name is Jasmine Powell and I am a black transgender female from San Francisco. I have been in the field of transgender services for over 10 years.  Being Trans, I feel like it’s my duty to stand for and with my community.  I started my advocacy in 2008 where I worked for City of Refuge in San Francisco as the event and group coordinator for Trans woman of color. I facilitated weekly support groups where we discussed?topics around HIV, homeless, depression. The population I provided services to where mostly homeless transgender youth and adult women who some had fallen victim to sex work and drugs. I provided?resources that best fit the client’s needs with the best of my ability from housing, to jobs training, to healthcare as well as emotional support.

I continue my work as a Peer Advocate where I work with cisgender and trans women. WORLD is a place where I am accepted and welcomed. Since I’ve been here, WORLD has been very hands on in making this a place where trans women can receive services as well as employment.  They allow me to lay down the foundation to maintain my leadership and I continue to be a role model to others.