Oriana Saportas

Peer Advocate Team Leader

Oriana Saportas comes to WORLD  having worked in  healthcare as both a patient advocate and Medi-Cal eligibility specialist at various Kaiser hospitals in the SF  Bay Area.

Oriana is originally from Colombia, and moved to Florida in 1996 to pursue their Bachelor’s degree in Communication studies. Oriana has resided in the Bay Area for the past 13 years, and has extensive outreach experience working as an HIV health educator, community and labor organizer, and field manager for political campaigns.

Oriana is passionate about social justice and has been involved with various movements, such as the fight against police brutality, black lives matter, and occupy wall street. They have a special interest in citizen media journalism as a tool for civic engagement and participation, and for underrepresented communities to have a voice. Oriana is an avid independent media radio listener and is a board member at Media Alliance in Oakland.


ph: 510.986.0340 x 4065